Inside a dog….it’s too dark to read!

Thanks to Andrew and his pointer to another fabulous website that I haven’t taken enough notice of … so perhaps you haven’t either. 🙂

This is a website for young people about books.

Here you can:

  • read and write reviews
  • meet our online author-in-residence
  • win stuff
  • preview upcoming titles
  • read interviews with authors
  • keep up to date with all the latest bookish news
  • listen to podcasts and audio Chapter Ones
  • talk about books on the forum

Insideadog is also the home of the Inky Awards – Australia’s first Teenage Choice Book Award. It all starts with the longlist – 10 Australian books and 10 International. Then the panel of 6 judges will whittle it down to a shortlist of 3 Australian and 3 international books.

Voting opens September 24! See if you can join in!

This is another great Australian resource!

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