Let me tell you about Ning! and the new bonus!

The big news from Ning! is that it is offering Ad-free student networks. This is a real boon.

I like Ning very much for the robust social networking it provides – it’s excellent for good discussion and group sharing, ideal for new users to social networking, and especially good for specific global projects like the Flat Classroom project, or for your own school-based projects or staff space.

But I have been avoiding ‘marketing’ it in my schools because of the advertisments.

No longer!

Steve Hargadon writes about the new look Ning! – and how current education users can request to have advertising removed. As a member of the FlatClassroom Project, Classroom 2.0, The Global Education Collaborative, Library 2.0, NextGen Teachers, School 2.0, Stop Cyberbullying, Edublogger World, and lots more. I’m not active really, just drop by sometimes – unless the group is project-based such as The Horizon Project and the Flat Classroom Project.classroom-20.jpg

I especially like the way we can use Ning! to introduce groups of new teachers to the world of robust social networking – sharing information, ideas, videos, movies etc, as well as having a personal space to run a bit of a blog (for those who haven’t got time to ‘go it alone’), a way to discuss and ask questions through the forum….and more!

Now it’s time for more people to have a go! Go on, start by joining a group – I have found another that needs my attention – Ning in Education! Time for me to schedule a workshop!

What I would like is a better way of integrating all my groups FaceBook style! API anyone?

  • 2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about Ning! and the new bonus!

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    2. Thanks for that Judy. Getting rid of the ads is a big plus, especially when using with younger students who really don’t want to find their perfect lovers.
      I will go and have a look – a possible site for a collaborative cluster wide inquiry.

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