Ning Facebook face-off?

You’ve got to love the pace of change…now it’s OpenSocial!

For those of you who don’t eat, breathe, and sleep web standards, OpenSocial is a new open web API being spearheaded by Google. OpenSocial applications will be able to run easily and reliably inside social networks, and be able to be tailored by the user to create personalisation of their social space.

Ning already has one-click integration with Facebook automatically on your social network using the Facebook proprietary platform approach.

Now Ning has released OpenSocial across their now 115,000 social networks. This means that you can enable OpenSocial “Apps” or “Gadgets” on your social network on Ning today!

So if you are a Network creator, you have the choice to add OpenSocial Gadgets to your network- it is entirely optional. If you don’t choose the OpenSocial Gadget option from the Features page, then your members will not have the option to add OpenSocialOpenSocial Gadgets to their profile page. It’s up to you. If you do decide to enable Gadgets on your network, your members can add any OpenSocial Gadget of their choice to their member profile page.

Keep up to date with ongoing Ning changes and developments at the Ning Blog.

I think there is a rumbling in the firmament again! Facebook – hang on!

Here’s a quick screencast which describes how to get started with OpenSocial Gadgets on your social network right now.

From Ning Blog. Photo: FaceOff

1 thought on “Ning Facebook face-off?

  1. does anyone know if there is a simple way to add a link to both facebook and my ning network to enable users of one to connect to the other? thanks.

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