Wepaint wiki – will change the way you collaborate

Wetpaint wikis have now added fully integrated discussion forums into their wikis – which is already a wonderful wiki product!

Michael Arrington in a post at Techcrunch explains that they’ve put a lot of thought into the feature set around these message boards. Posts can be tagged, the view expanded/contracted, there are email notifications of new messages, and the search feature works well. Amazingly, any forum thread can also be turned into a wiki with a couple of clicks.

While the debate continues as to which wiki will now have the share of the Web 2.0 market, when it comes to education use of wikis – this has to put Wetpaint at the front of the pack.

Read the next post to make sure you grab the wiki loaded with benefits for education, or retro-engineer your current wiki to take advantage of the new offer.

From iLibrarian.
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