Wet Paint wiki – will change the way you teach!

Thanks to a Twitter alert from Jeff Utecht and his recent post over at Thinking Stick, I am thrilled to discover that WetPaint wikis go ad-free for education.

Wow – this is great news!

Wetpaint is by far my most favourite wiki software, but I have not promoted it because of the problem of advertising. Now I believe that Wetpaint should be the ‘wiki of choice’ for school staff – it has a great interface, is easy to use, and has all the features you need to make wikis a part of everyday learning online.

To find out more about qualifying to get ads removed and find great tips for creating education wikis, visit: www.wetpaint.com/education. Then follow the instructions to apply for your ad-free wiki.

Go on – create a Wetpaint wiki for your classroom!

Wetpaint Wiki in Plain English

4 thoughts on “Wet Paint wiki – will change the way you teach!

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