International Edublog Awards 2007 Finalists

This year we see another fabulous line-up in the annual Edublog Awards.

I am genuinely amazed and proud to find this blog nominated for Best Librarian blog – special thanks to those who considered Heyjude worthwhile for the honour!!

The wonderful thing about the annual Edublog Awards is the opportunity to share our finds, celebrate our work, and discover the wonderful new people who have joined us in the world of blogs and wikis.

As my super online friend (and multiple nominee) Sue Waters said

While it is really nice to be nominated we need to remember the best aspects of the awards is it creates a fabulous resource for educators to use for ideas on how social software is used in different contexts, with a range of different learners; which means we are introduced to new sites that we might not have found if not for the awards process.

Please take the time to visit the web sites of the Edublogs Award Finalists, explore the resources, do some voting, and perhaps add some excellent educational blogs to your feed reader.

It’s great to see Best Library/Librarian listed amongst the award categories. In schools we work hard to promote the role that Teacher Librarians/Librarians/Media Specialists have to play in 21st century learning. Our work is vital (critical even!) yet not always acknowledged for being central in each of our student’s lives.

I’m a teacher and I’m a librarian. That’s special – and what makes Heyjude special for me is that I know that the audience is strongly drawn from teachers and librarians alike – all interested in 21st century learning issues. Teacher Librarians are very special people 🙂 and we all have to work hard together to makes sure that we keep good school libraries in our Australian schools.

If you are keen to help the promotion efforts, take a visit to The Hub – the campaign blog for quality school libraries in Australia!

The best Award innovation this year?

The winners will be announced at the Award ceremony which will be held in Second Life on Saturday December 8. Cool!

Congratulations to all the nominees !!!!! It’s a stunning lineup of great people.

Happy voting – and thanks to all the work by James Farmer and Josie Fraser behind the scenes. 🙂

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  • 1 thought on “International Edublog Awards 2007 Finalists

    1. Judy,

      Congratulations to you and all of the other deserving nominees!

      I agree that being a teacher/librarian is a special role. As a K-12 SLMS (School Library Media Specialist), I am one of the few staff members who interacts with every single student in our district. The relationships that I, and my aides, build with both children and parents carries through the entire educational experience.

      Awesome opportunity, awesome responsibility.


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