Giveaway of the day

Thanks to the Edublog awards and the worldwide ‘cross-posting’ about this event, I have discovered a great new-to-me blog and a great new-to-me blog-based advertising initiative – with benefits for us all.

Reid Kerr College Library ….is much more than just books… online journals, ebooks, websites…video, sound, did I mention e-books? …..doing the searching so you don’t have to!!! A great site making use of Joomla (I will have to look into this!) and lots of social-networking tools. I’m always on the look-out for exciting libraries like this one! Many tools in action – blogging, wiki, delicious, LibraryThing and more. Check out their NewsBlast provided via Pageflakes.

I love the audacity of the e-mission for NewsBlast information services:

All I am trying to do here is draw together many strands of what should be interesting information (we are educationalists, after all) in one easily accessible website which consists of a mere 4 pages. If you don’t think this is useful, fair enough! Build your own.
It’s called Current Awareness. Try it sometime.

See what I mean? Great work from Reid Kerr College Library!

I discovered them via their blog arKIve where they ‘ain’t too proud to blog’.

I discovered one of their new-to-me resources, Giveaway of the Day. What a great way for software publishers to distribute great software in a new, and what’s also important, legal way! New software featured each day – and available for download for 24 hours – I have downloaded the current offering!

Now and then you will find great things to use for your yourself, your school or your library!

For now I have added a widget to the sidebar here because it highlights the current Giveaway of the Day. You can also add this service to your RSS feeds, and be ready to grab a bargain whenever you spot one that’s interesting for yourself.

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