Hejude Jenns fashion preview

As we’re not travelling or going away anywhere these summer holidays, I’ve had lots of excuses for mucking around online instead.  That’s still having holiday fun isn’t it?

Do you like my Vogue magazine cover? sporting my latest skin and ‘look’ for my avatar Heyjude Jenns? She’s a fashionable gal, and has been doing a lot of shopping in the SL Christmas New Year sales!

You can make you own fake magazine covers at MagMyPic – and they don’t have to be fashion mags either 🙂 as there are 12 different magazine covers to choose from.

3 thoughts on “Hejude Jenns fashion preview

  1. Welcome back Jude. Glad you tried the magazine generator. That is soooo cool. Have bookmarked it and shown my hubby. He is very impressed although I am concerned that he mentioned “I don’t even know how to upload a photo”. Where did I go wrong!

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