Sweet stuff about powerpoint

Oh no, I’m on holidays!! But I am reading and playing on line as you know…and guess what..I found a resource to share.

Here it is. 70+ PowerPoint and Presentation Resources and Great Examples. A great combo list all in one place, and one that it looks as if it will be added too.  Sweet!

Since I’m on holidays – no further comment 🙂

Photo: Sweet Stuff

  • 2 thoughts on “Sweet stuff about powerpoint

    1. Thank you Jude for sharing your holiday ‘research/reading’.

      PowerPoint has lots of really great features – it’s the users who has given it a ‘bad rap’.

      Like any tool – it’s only as good as it’s user … and these this resource/ideas should offer more than the ‘text’ alternative to educators to utilise this tool.

      In 2007, I watched in amazement as a colleague practically transformed PP into ‘animation’ …. and another … into a ‘web quest’.

      Allison Miller
      Twitter: theother66

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