The Horizon Project 2008

Thanks to an alert by Vicki Davis for the information that the 2008 Horizon Report pdf.gif is available now from the Horizon Project wiki and will be announced to the world January 29, 2008 at the EDUCAUSE ELI Conference. Thanks also to Gabriela Grosseck who sent a direct link of the Horizon Project pdf to me via Delicious.

Analyzing the five year history of the Horizon Reports, they have identified seven metatrends that have emerged with some regularity:

This is there analysis, but they hope that readers will weigh in on these metatrends.

They also look back to past Horizon Reports to ask “Where are they now?”

In addition to analyzing the MetaTrends of the last 5 years, this report outlines the major emerging technologies for college level education in the next 5 years including:

1 year or less

  • Grassroots Video
  • Collaboration Webs

2-3 years

  • Mobile Broadband
  • Data Mashups

4-5 years

  • Collective Intelligence
  • Social Operating Systems

Interesting!! Read more about Horizon Report now ready from our wonderful Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis and follow her advice about tagging to share information.

  • 6 thoughts on “The Horizon Project 2008

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    2. The work that Vicki and Julie did last year was astounding and we look forward to their next iteration.

      Please tag related items “hz08” and use as well, the tags for the magic six items:

      * Grassroots Video
      * Collaboration Webs
      * Mobile Broadband
      * Data Mashups
      * Collective Intelligence
      * Social Operating Systems

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