Sense and order in Web 2.0 – and some!

For many joining the world of Web 2.0 is still a new adventure, and for those of us working with these new adventurers it is important to be able to step back and start at the beginning. But it is also a wee bit magical to push forward, and look back on your own adventure – and be amazed at the change.

It was Del.ici.ous that did it for me!! To be so liberated by a single tool never ceases to amaze me – perhaps the most powerful personal web tool of all! For my money it remains the most important one to introduce to all teachers as a way of transforming or shifting their technology use from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

fans.jpgAlso, the power of the network cannot be underestimated!

I currently have 145 people in my network, and 291 fans – some of them very new as indicated by the star. Sometimes I know who they are (hi Chris!) and other times I don’t.

However, there comes a time when you KNOW that you’re no longer a newbie!! You know the way it is ….. you check your Network, and see great bookmarks that others have added. And then you smile, because you added those a LONG time ago. So information comes around, goes around, and gets shared at all different points of the sequence of people’s personal learning journey in Web 2.0. still powers the web for me, though how I use it hasn’t much changed since I started social bookmarking 18 months ago. In fact, I hadn’t come across much else new in the world of until today.

Research Buzz reported Spy, and I took a look.


That blew my socks off!! Spy, at , shows you bookmarks as they’re being added to, along with a screen shot and occasionally a little context.

If you don’t want to see every last bookmark being added, you can also filter by tag. If you happen to choose a tag that doesn’t get updated very often, you can have the site play a sound for you every time it updates. And finally, there’s a pause button if you see some links that you want to investigate before they scroll off the screen.

Oh, and as the links fly onto the screen, you can simply hit the Save for Later button, and then chill out and browse through the links you’ve saved – though you need to do this before the end of your session.

I found some cool stuff that I added to my account – thus adding to the world pool of ever growing links. What a very different Web 2.0 world it is 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sense and order in Web 2.0 – and some!

  1. Judy,

    A beautiful reflection on the web 2.0 journey, which, I agree, is not linear and one that never ceases to take us new and interesting places when we least suspect it!

    For me though, I’m not sure that anything will rival the revolutionary power of RSS feeding – which, along with, is a major part of taking charge of the way one accesses information and taking the first major step away from the mindless google search which still pervades so many classrooms!


  2. Looks cool – it’s much more dynamic than the front page of the website. was one of my first starts into Web 2.0 as well; you introduced me to it in fact.

    Did you notice that you can get a delicious spy widget as well?

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