Emerging technologies for learning

Some excellent research and commentary is available from BECTA in the UK in the recent publication

Emerging technologies for learning: volume 3 (2008)

The various chapters explore the ‘net generation’ who can seamlessly move between their real and digital lives; examine the implications for education of the convergence of mobile devices, pervasive wireless connectivity, and internet applications and services; discuss the development of virtual worlds and ‘serious games’ and how we can make best use of these technologies to support better learning; analyse the problem of finding and searching digital content on the web and the limitations of current systems; and considers the potential of some emerging display and interface technologies to improve interaction with computers and facilitate collaborative activities in more natural and intuitive ways.

These are excellently presented too, and make good professional reading handouts for staff discussion.

2 thoughts on “Emerging technologies for learning

  1. Hi Judy,

    Delayed comment I know – but I had a closer look at this article this morning and was very impressed by the fact that it single-handedly objectively looks at the issues behind learning technology in schools whilst being written in plain English for a broad readership at the same time.

    I passed this onto my boss for further (hopefully fruitful) discussion.

    Quick update while I’m here: I’m purchasing four macbooks for our school tomorrow (for experimntal use with small classes, group work, etc)! I know it seems small, but it’ll no doubt be a big step – and when our IT management people work out how to integrate them into our existing network, we’ll be comfortable to go ahead with a bigger purchase later in the year.

    The more I look at this issue – the more I realise that it’s a quasi moral duty for schools to offer both platforms.

    Are you guys looking into ultra mobile PCs at Joeys for a potential one-one program? with bulk purchases getting close to the $300 mark (or even lower), laptops for students are well within reach. What an exciting time!!

    Finally – I can’t tell you how much we miss having you at the CEO – there doesn’t seem to be much inspiration coming from that direction at all this year and that’s disheartening to say the least.

    Hope you are well -talk soon,


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