Top 100 Tools for Learning Activity

Between January and March 2008 the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies(C4LPT) invited learning professionals to share their Top 10 Tools for Learning – both for their own personal learning/productivity as well as for creating learning for others. 155 learning professionals contributed their Top 10 Tools. You can find the links to their individual Top 10 favourite Tools lists at

The Analysis of top 100 Tools  provides plenty of food for thought.

In total over 460 different tools were named, but from these Top 10 Tools lists we compiled a list of the Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008. 109 Tools were mentioned 3 or more times and an additional 34 tools were mentioned twice.

The list appears on pages 3-10 of this document and also online at

I’ve provided a copy of the document (top100s08) to all my staff! Or you may prefer to provide the Summary PDF link.

3 thoughts on “Top 100 Tools for Learning Activity

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  2. Hey Jude!
    Thanks for the link to those Top 100 Tools. As a relative newbie to the blogging world and it was interesting to see that I had actually heard of more of the tools than I thought I would have.

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