Microblogging future

A short post from Alexander Hayes really made me sit up and look. The slideshare presentation on the future of participatory media raised some really interesting concepts that explains some of the ‘issues’ we are looking at as Web 2.0 educators. The presentation itself is not directed at educators – but by golly are there things for us to learn. It’s a year old, but still oh so relevant.

Conversations that are cross device and multichannel – that’s what we need for sure. Any device that is web enabled should be part of our educator’s tool kit. The kids get it! but when will we! Lets get into disruptive innovation. Lets discover the difference between social networking and what Jyri Engeström
describes as “social objects” – or in our case perhaps its learning objects and social objectives. Now I understand better why Flickr and Delicious has worked in classrooms, but other things have not. A worthwhile set of slides to view.

1 thought on “Microblogging future

  1. Hey Jude !

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. The kids do get it and we are trying to catch up….or as I’d prefer to posit the idea, we get it , we are just a little more circumspect as to it;s use amongst our already hectic life schedule that, yes, you guessed it inlcudes kids.

    That was certainly the findings of the http://mobilizethis.wikispaces.com event in 2005 / 06 when we stationed ourselves for 48 hours in a funky youth centre in Byron Bay Australia.

    Boy did we learn lots and funnily enough inversely from the young people also. We are all immersedin a microblogging future me thinks.

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