Plastic Logic E-Reader

This thin, lightweight and flexible e-Reader is one of the many newly emerging  interface tools that will change the way we ‘do business’. The Plastic Logic device won’t be available until next year but is built on E Ink’s screen technology, which is also behind the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.The reader is one third the weight of a MacBook Air, is readable in broad daylight, and has a battery life of several days.

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6 thoughts on “Plastic Logic E-Reader

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  2. This technology looks very promising indeed. If it is robust and scalable then it could really become a huge boon to business people. At present I would rather read a book than use an E-reader but I could see me replacing loads of reports and business papers with this device, provided the battery, weight and ease of use in production live up to the hype.


  3. Paul, such a good point about universal access for all – we desperately need a solution that is inclusive and supportive of all styles of disability or learning styles. The future beckons!

  4. In response to David: The thing is that paperbacks and other hard copy simply are not accessible to countless people with reading challenges. With available text-to-speech technology, the printed word can be made accessible. I think it is a great shame that text-to-speech options are not being integrated with the e-text readers that are coming on the market. I believe that we need to work as hard as we can to move toward the ideal of universal access!

  5. um your given paperback doesnt have much provision for text-speech either. ..thats not much of a criticism. How well does your lawnmower do for the commute to work? Liekly not very well, but thats not really an appropriate use is it?

    This is a great technology. I would buy one right now if I could, even on my tight budget. I sincerely hope that they distribute these in the states as well as in Europe.

  6. This is exciting technology, with one major drawback. As with the Kindle, there doesn’t seem to be any provision here for text-to-speech. These devices could be fabulous for individuals with reading challenges. I find this frustrating and extremely sad.

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