Quotes worth keeping

Learning happens through connections

We learn when we connect ideas, people, thoughts. This isn’t new, but the more I’m in a connected world the more I realize that it’s through connections that learning occurs. Is it just me? Or should we not be teaching students how to connect information to create new knowledge.

Jeff Utecht New Schools

2 thoughts on “Quotes worth keeping

  1. Pattern recognition and synthesis should be specifically taught.
    Content is a cull. Those with mastery of the skill of consumption and regurgitation of data do well, while many great minds fall by the way.
    Once upon a time the ‘cost’ of mistakes was so high, that anyone who aspired to wisdom, leadership or influence did so through a long process of acquiring large amounts of content. This then created the false value ‘that knowing a lot’ made you better, creative or innovative. This was exacerbated by the Victorian/Post industrial developing education system that selected the people for their roles in the production process.
    There is a teleological error in all this – Consumption and retention of content is a cause of success and/or innovation. There is an incredibly strong correlation, but content knowledge is the vestigial part of synthesis and creativity.
    If we are to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ then we need to know where to put our feet, but when those ‘shoulders’ can now be found with a Google search, then we need to shift from teaching content.
    We need to raise what we teach to a meta-level; the deep patterns that underpin all that we experience, do, imagine and know. With information at our fingertips and the ability to ‘rapid-prototype’ solutions means our students don’t have to ‘pass our driving test’ before we get the keys to the car.
    The technology is in place, our students are ready, and many colleagues have started the journey, so what is stopping us?
    If I have the content you want then I have the power? If I have ascended through an administration (educational or private enterprise) by knowing more than others, why would I want to change the structure where I am empowered by the knowledge I hold over you?
    I oscillate between the optimists seeing inspiring practice going on in schools challenging and enriching students and an absolute cynic watching school communities unwilling to take the steps to systemise this practice.
    I’m optimist today, but I’ve been on holiday

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