History – coming to a phone near you!

Michael Arrington writes about a new interface for delivering history information through World History. I am going to enjoy the reaction of history teachers to this product! if only because they will have to fast-track their 21st century understanding of how students ‘source’ their history information 🙂

Even if it is drawing content from Wikipedia, as Michael suggests, the fact that the company is also developing an iPhone application highlights the fact that change it taking place under our very noses in a pretty significant way!

It seams the product is still in private beta, but the idea is that you will use the map to find a location you are interested in and see historical events that occurred there visually. Even set a date range and see just the events during those years. For more information, check out the demo videos here.

1 thought on “History – coming to a phone near you!

  1. Thanks for the heads up Judy

    As a history teacher using local history and genealogy in the classroom this app could be very interesting, especially the mobile learning capacity.

    If one thing the Utah LDS do, its track genealogy and history very well. Their archives are amazing.

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