Digital Dinosaur

I’m a digital dinosaur – or so some of the Year 10 boys at school would have it!

Today we had the Year 10 computing exams. These are held on the same day across the state of New South Wales, to test students knowledge and skills in core computing skills related to media, file sizes, processes,  storage etc.

So much chatting afterwards. A group of friends were gathered around a computer, and began to discuss the computing world as they see it. A lively discussion ensued, but my ears pricked up when one boy said,

Can you believe that my mum has FaceBook? Like, why does a 40-year-old mother need FaceBook?

A few other ‘old’ people of similar age were quoted and discussed. The final pitch to end that topic,

Don’t they have a life?

Thank goodness I could smile and keep quiet. What WOULD they have thought of me and my FaceBook account …… at my age 🙂

2 thoughts on “Digital Dinosaur

  1. I am a sophomore in college in Nebraska. I do not think it is strange at all that 40 year old people have Facebook pages. If they want to be technologically advanced and to be in the know of what teens are doing, then they should have a Facebook account. This is what most teens are doing when they are not doing homework or with friends. Trust me I know. Facebook is a great social network. It helps to keep in touch with friends no matter where they are. I think it is awesome that adults are wanting to have a better knowledge of technology in this way.

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