Books are back again!

The St Joseph’s College Library (Brother Liguori Resources Centre)  is coming back together again….thanks to planning, hard work, and the superb work of the whole team!

This week saw our new shelves arrive – minus the canopies of course! Those were ordered, along with new furniture, just this week. But the shelves and books have arrived, filling up our new spaces.

No, I’m not sharing all the ‘makeover’ yet – that’s for later. But just so that you know it’s really happening – here’s the Atlantis team working their magic. Hundreds of boxes were retrieved from their hiding spaces, laid out and sorted according to colour codes, before teams working under the direction of my library staff, began to restock our new shelves.

The boys have been desperately waiting for the books to come back. So week four of Term 1, and their passion for reading will see a huge number of books being borrowed again!

Big week, successful conclusion – even though it ended on Friday 13th.

4 thoughts on “Books are back again!

    • Sharon, it’s all very exciting – even though it is just a ‘makeover’! I know some people have wonderful new libraries built, but I think we will have something that will be quite magical in its own way. When we’re all done I am going to create a great collage of ‘before-after’ shots. We’re even hoping to have a fun ‘time-lapse’ video of the books all going back on. Hope you can come and visit one day!

  1. Wow Jude – what an achievement! I’m loving the look of your space – very inviting and colourful. Congratulations.
    KerryG 🙂

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