E-teaching and motivation

Motivation is the theme of this video on learner-centered technology use. The American Psychological Association (1993) outlines four dimensions of learner-centeredness. Motivation is one of these four.This video, which is part of a larger project investigating learner-centered teaching with technology, highlights the need for motivation and engagement with technology. The use of the technology advertisements is designed to highlight the engagement produced by technology and media.Can education compete with that? If so how?

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5 thoughts on “E-teaching and motivation

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  3. Education can compete with the engagement produced by technology and media when lessons are well designed and students are set up to succeed. The use of the advertising in the video highlighted the flashy bells and whistles of technology that attract students attention for a moment but may not engage them long term; they will be on to the next site, email, video, etc. very quickly. This I think is the point several people in the video made that the technology attracts the students attention but it is then the substance of the lesson, of the task, that keeps the students engaged. Education competes with technology and media by challenging students and by creating those lessons where students (as the video pointed out) are surprised when it is lunch time. The “light bulb” moment of education can be engaging to students than any flash throw their way, we just have to design ways to help them achieve illumination.

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