Emerging technologies = librarian

Thanks to my friend (and fellow chocoholic) Kathryn Greenhill for sharing this fabulous set of slides and presentation –  which really puts into perspective what librarians should be about – if they aren’t already!!

The challenges are bigger in schools – emerging technologies are not seen as core business!  But let’s be clear about this. We are not talking about ‘using’ technology – but rather about changing our whole mode of operation to deal with disruptive change – and dare I say it?  to actively create disruptive change for the sake of the learners in our schools.

Kathryn is a tertiary emerging technologies librarian. What she shares is equally vital and relevant for schools.

1 thought on “Emerging technologies = librarian

  1. Came across your post while doing a google search. My library system (Sacramento Public, in California) is creating an ’emerging technologies’ librarian position. Love the idea of ‘disruptive change’ – that’s really what it is – and its effect on those who are nearing retirement and have no interest in learning about technology in their stage of the game.

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