The future of learning

It’s hard work, chipping away at the old models of schooling to bring about the change needed to make schooling effective again.  Perhaps this has always been the case, but wouldn’t it be nice if we noticed the need for change just a little more quickly 🙂

On Monday, Dean Groom and myself spent the day with a group of teachers helping them find a new mindset for their connective learning. There is very little we can do in two days, but we have constructed Connect, Collaborate and Inspire through 21st Century Learning as a bit of a framework for the days.

I think there is so much that needs to be shared and understood. Some of my library staff are busy doing the How 2 of Web 2.0 course.  This is great!  Soon we might be able to move into even more new media activities. What’s critical for school libraries is that all staff join students in the ‘future’ environment, and make learning an interactive literacy and knowledge endeavour.

We started out two day workshop with a Stephen Hepple video – the innovator that has traction i.e. real longterm success in changing learning environments.

Here’s the latest video from Stephen Heppell that will also definitely get an airing at our professional development  day!

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