Timeline yourself – your past is with you

The Dismissal, 1975

The Dismissal, 1975

A cold night in, by the fire with my MacBook and playing with online sites gave me an insight into the digital future of our students.

We often talk about ‘digital footprints’ and the importance of digital citizenship in the learning experiences of our students. Students interact with music, movies, software, and other digital content every day. In fact, now it starts before they even know what is happening, with blogs, videos, and images online right from birth, put there by doting parents and family. But for us it’s a little different. “Digital” is something new in our lifetime.

I played with AllofMe – an online tool to ‘timeline yourself’.  I didn’t find much of course, because I haven’t been online for much of my life!! unlike the kids today who in 2050 could find memories of things long forgotten – the good, the bad and the ugly of who they were and who they wanted to be.

But I got a tiny taste of how it would be for our kids – AllofMe dredged up a snippet of myself in 1975 – the year that the Australian Library Association appointed it’s first Industrial Information Officer – me!!

I’m embarrassed to think how little I knew but how audacious I was to embark on that role. I set the position up, then left to raise a family.  I have no recollection of that issue of  The Australian Library Journal now.  But I do remember my tour of significant libraries around the country which I undertook as part of my information research.  I was even a guest speaker for an AGM   in Melbourne (perhaps at the State Library?) – my first ever public engagement  in my working life.

Must have said a lot of rubbish 🙂

5 thoughts on “Timeline yourself – your past is with you

  1. I tried to use this tool myself and found it very difficult. Is there something I am missing? I could not find any information on the web about myself. Would students be able to find anything about themselves?

    • I agree Kerry, the tool doesn’t always pick everything up, alternatively if you have a ‘common’ name then it collects eveything! All depends on how much you have online and who you are. I think it’s the whole point that we are accumulating a persona online, and this is a new development for digital natives to consider for ourselves, as well as the implications of this all for our students.

  2. Ah, but if you have a famous name you can’t see yourself just the other person. How does it sort you out from people with similar names? Didn’t try for long, so maybe there is a way.

  3. This could really show the young students that what they put on the web…stays on the web. Often they put things on Facebook and other sites that might haunt them later!
    Thanks for sharing this tool.

  4. Educators often love for students to create time lines. Know of any teachers who have successfully had their students create one using AllofMe?

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