Good sounds – royalty free to schools

Last term some of our students were working on movie trailers with a colleague.  A perfect opportunity to introduce ideas about open source, creative commons, or royalty free image and music for use by  schools. There are a number of strategies that teachers should be familiar with – time to make a nice list!

soundzaboundI was pleased to get a ‘heads up’ from Barry Starlin about Soundzabound. Just in time for our next batch of movie work.

Here’s what the site tells us:

Soundzabound Royalty Free Music supersedes Fair Use in that we fully license the music with unlimited rights for education and sign off that you are protected. Fair Use has limitations in use and states the you are liable should there be a claim. Soundzabound also provides the solutions for:

  • Education Approved Content in a searchable database
  • Artist branding rights not covered under Fair Use
  • User statistic reports
  • Web-based interface formatted for all your production purposes

What this tells me is that it is safe to let students jump onto the site and grab what they need to enliven their productions. Soundzabound shows how their sites works, and the multitude of contexts that sound bites can be used in.

This is where the site comes into its own. The movie trailers our students made could not be put onto the web safely – fair use didn’t cover publication of the end products on Youtube.  Had the students used files from Soundzaboud we could have shared their magical creations.

My next move, when the school term starts, is to make available a school list of resources for such productions. Should have done it ages ago – but the time is now right.

Here are some sources  I have already  collected. There will be others I know, so if you have a favourite site, list or collection, and have time please let me know.

Creative Commons and Music

7 thoughts on “Good sounds – royalty free to schools

  1. Hi,

    I know I am a little late in this post but I thought I’d chip in for those looking for music for schools. I am writing in from Opuzz and we have a special package for schools needing music and have work with universities and school districts as well. Do drop me a note at viv at if you need more information.

    viv at opuzz dot com

  2. Our District purchased Soundzabound for our use and we love it! any kind of music you could possibly want. Barry came and did an in service for the medias specialists and he was great.

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  4. I saw one of the best music/copyright workshop sessions this spring at the Illinois Computing Educators conference – presented by Barry Britt from Soundzabound. It was absolutely fabulous!

    Like most educators, I have attended other workshop presentations that have addressed the music copyright/fair use issue as it relates to music in our schools, but, again, this presentation was head and shoulders above the rest.

    I am hoping I can get my district to sign on to Soundzabound so we can use music from their library without worry of copyright infringement.

    It would be great if the Soundzabound could offer some webinars so other teachers and school systems could see what they have to offer…

  5. Soundzabound looks as if it will be very useful. The simple ‘may site just the artist’ could be a good intro to attribution for younger children.

    In the past I have used

    the first is particularly useful as the only credit you need is ‘Music: Kevin MacLeod” which again makes it easy for younger children who may have difficulty with more complex requirements for attribution.

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