Kindle-ing discussion about learning

Lots of people have asked for a post about my first reactions to the Kindle.  I started writing this up, but found what I needed to say for people new to the Kindle was rather long –   so here are my first few day’s evalution rolled into a scribd document  ready to print and share with others.

9 thoughts on “Kindle-ing discussion about learning

  1. Loved the article–another resource for finding good bargain books:

    A lot of the deals are specific to the US–so you’ll have to add in any international charges, but the blog does a good job of finding many a bargain! There’s also some bargains for other formats (sony, etc.)

    (Found my way here from Kerrie’s Paradise blog.)


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  3. Thanks so much Judy for the article. I’ve had my Kindle for two days now, and have been able to follow in your footsteps with free downloads etc. It’s been brilliant!
    The music while you read feature works well, btw.
    I appreciate your comments about us initiating the conversation about them in our workplaces. Can’t help showing it off actually!!

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  6. the interesting thing about the kindle specifically (i’ve had one since february), is that despite the fact that e-ink existed in the lab as early as 2000 and sony came out with the first e-ink reader in.. 2005? amazon was the first of the e-ink reader developers to think deeply about, and take into account, *how people read*; and what those people need (ability to annotate & underline, for instance).

    the point and purpose of adopting amazon’s device is not to give amazon money. it’s to communicate to any potential competition what’s working for us. those who are willing to invest in the technology this early in its life will have some voice in where it goes; will have some effect on the decisions of competing device designers; and might eventually be voices for change in the *ridiculous* state of today’s publishing industry — starting with: “Ok, I’ll pay ten bucks for that,” and (we hope) concluding with reasonable access to our purchases using any manufacturer’s device; the ability to lend and borrow e-texts (i.e. from the library as well as from each other); and some other important changes. (BOO, geographic limitations on text availability!! BOOOO!!! I’ve never had any trouble ordering *print* books from abroad, for heaven’s sake.)

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