Become a Kindle author!

The Amazon Kindle is not just a device for reading paperless books and newspapers. It’s also an ecosystem for writers who want to publish their works without dealing with book publishers.

In a recent CNet report, I found out that authors worldwide can now  self-publish Kindle versions of their books or documents. The self-publishing digital text platform, which allows writers to upload electronic versions of their books to Amazon’s e-book reader store, was previously limited to English and to authors based in the United States.

There’s a cost of course, and only 35% of the sales revenue ends up in your pocket – plus Amazon reserves the right to sell your book at a discount. Ouch!

Blogs and newspapers can also be read on the Kindle, but as  yet there’s no self-service way for bloggers to put their work on the Amazon store. Just as well!

Still, an interesting development don’t you think?

Sending documents to Your International Kindle

The Kindle 2 has a number of cool features that you need to get the hang of to maximize the value of your purchase.  Since I’ve played with my Kindle for nearly a whole week now – I’ve been asked to pass on information about basic document management.

YourAccountDocuments to your Kindle

Go to Your Account in the top right hand corner of Amazon.

Once there, scroll down till you find the Manage Your Kindle Link


Click on that link, and sign into your account.

This Account Page is an important one for managing lots of things, but for now we’ll just focus on how to set up the email accounts that will let you to put documents and pictures onto your Kindle.

Your Kindle will have a name and a Kindle email address once it is registered (

If you’re buying it now this will have already happened, but it you received it as a gift, or it was purchased for you, you will want to register it to yourself (and to your credit card!).

Don’t worry about the iPhone or iTouch option – international users can’t register these yet!

Your Kindle Approved E-mail List – this is the important one!

Register one or more email addresses.  Why?  Because it is with your registered email address that you will manage the free document conversion services that kindle offers.

Once you have one (or more) registered, you’re ready for a test.

Send any file (Word, JPG, BMP, PNG) to from your approved account.  Not long afterwards you will receive a return email with the file converted into a Kindle-friendly format.

Download this file to your computer.  Connect your Kindle to your computer. Drop the file into your Documents Folder.

Next time you open your Kindle to read, your document will be there ready for you.

Of course, the option is there to send the document via your approved email directly to your Kindle. Then you email it to  You will pay a small fee for that conversion. It’s fine for a Word document but my tests made it a non-starter for other documents. Doing it this way costs $US.99 per Megabyte and your WhisperNet account!

For more information about managing your Kindle  read Transferring, Downloading, and Sending Files to Kindle.

Kindle-ing discussion about learning

Lots of people have asked for a post about my first reactions to the Kindle.  I started writing this up, but found what I needed to say for people new to the Kindle was rather long –   so here are my first few day’s evalution rolled into a scribd document  ready to print and share with others.