Twitter borked again – but not Ask a Librarian!

Working ever so hard on editing some book materials, I found I was relying on my online connections to deliver quick answers to curly questions. One port of call was Ask a Librarian from the National Library of Australia.

I logged on for a quick real-time reference query. Wonderful personal service – and a nice chance to chuckle (via text) with a fellow professional. My chat log was emailed to me just as soon as I logged off – containing all the links to information I needed.

This is very cool!

My other port of call was – of course – twitter. My queries resulted in general responses, so quick Direct Message assistance, and some regular help with people willing to go home and ferret around to find specifically the information I needed.

BUT Twitter got Borked! We all went off line – mid conversation!  It’s times like this that I realise how having no Twitter is just like having no phone line used to be in ‘the old days’.

From Mashable: Twitter Has Been Hacked; BBC News: Pro Iranian Hackers Hit Twitter and Opposition Websites.

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