Become a Kindle author!

The Amazon Kindle is not just a device for reading paperless books and newspapers. It’s also an ecosystem for writers who want to publish their works without dealing with book publishers.

In a recent CNet report, I found out that authors worldwide can now  self-publish Kindle versions of their books or documents. The self-publishing digital text platform, which allows writers to upload electronic versions of their books to Amazon’s e-book reader store, was previously limited to English and to authors based in the United States.

There’s a cost of course, and only 35% of the sales revenue ends up in your pocket – plus Amazon reserves the right to sell your book at a discount. Ouch!

Blogs and newspapers can also be read on the Kindle, but as  yet there’s no self-service way for bloggers to put their work on the Amazon store. Just as well!

Still, an interesting development don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Become a Kindle author!

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  4. I thought about adding my class blog on the kindle store, but with the web browser it can be visited for free. I would love to have more ed blogs download automatically, but it is hard to pay for something that can be had for free.

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