Did you know what’s happening to the Internet?

This is another official update to the original “Shift Happens” video. This completely new September 2009 version includes facts and statistics focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist.

Thanks to Wes Fryer for the tip-off in his post Can you Imagine So Much Global Sharing?  My answer is – I never could, even though I’m an avid reader of SciFi. Dreaming and doing are quite different things!

Also in the same post – a peek at the state of the Internet. 

2010 is one amazing year!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “JESS3 / The State of The Internet“, posted with vodpod

4 thoughts on “Did you know what’s happening to the Internet?

  1. I don’t think educators have any trouble sorting out good content from rubbish – but students do!! Given how pervasive the internet and online connectivity is becoming, we’d better get right on top of quality digital literacy, digital citizenship, and information fluency.

  2. Communication, connection, collaboration, convergence and more, all fine. However many educators mistake the ubiquitous shallow edutainment, so often found on the internet, for content of worth.

  3. These are great. We show them to the students during assemblies and they are a huge hit. It makes you think about the clunky broadband we have, the digital infrastructure we need but don’t have and the impact on people who don’t ‘get’ that all this is so important in the lifes of our students, I always hope that showing videos like this will make inroads into the consciousness of our older staff who see this as irrelevant and not worthy of attention. Your blog is fantastic!

  4. These are great snapshot videos – thanks for sharing. We try to promote awareness of change to staff as much as we can. I’ll be updating our online training with these. Thanks for all the great posts and keep up the good work!

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