It’s a small world after all

These days the figures are staggering!  Tell me – why am I always surprised to still find Friendster on the list?  I don’t use all these services. Do you?

via Digital Thought

3 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all

  1. Friendster is huuuuuge in many non-English speaking countries, particularly in Asia. And those countries also have very, very high rates of mobile phone access 🙂 So that makes sense!

    Same goes with Yahoo mail – Yahoo mail was one of the first to have localised mail addresses in foreign languages. Google caught on to that quite a while later! And some people still like having their country’s ‘code’ at the end of their email addy (.au, .sg, .id, .jp, etc)

    • Penny, thanks heaps for the information. I was a bit ignorant about some of that – it’s clear! So glad you shared that with me and other readers.

    • Also, I wonder how many of those are double-ups? Does it account for people who access those sites from more than one (mobile) device?

      It’d be interesting to do this kind of survey with a school population! But then again, what does it really tell us? “A lot of people access these sites from mobile devices”. A lot of people eat food with a fork, too. And a lot eat with chopsticks. But… the tool that they use is very much determined by the type of food they are eating! And the cultural context they are in. So maybe data like this -is- potentially useful because it demonstrates preference, access, and what is considered ‘normal’ to the population surveyed.

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