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It is 9.30 on the 4th August, and I am attending a seminar in Sydney being hosted by, which will focus on furthering the debate around building a new vision for education in Australia.

There will be a few bloggers here today, and so we hope to be able to provide comments live from the seminar to compliment the podcast of the seminar. Very exciting!

To put you in the picture here is an overview of the day.

Key issues to be addressed include:
* Collaboration * Interactive tools
* Networking
* New ways of thinking and learning. Speakers
The seminar will bring together:
Phillip Adams – a controversial broadcaster, writer and film-maker. As presenter of Late Night Live, he has interviewed thousands and can boast to be ABC Radio National’s largest driver of demand for podcast downloads (50,000 downloads for May 2006).
James Farmer – a Melbourne based online communications designer. James is the founder of, the largest educational blogging community on the web. James has worked as a lecturer in research and education design at Deakin University and is currently the Online Community Editor at The Age.
Annika Small
– CEO of Futurelab UK, responsible for developing the strategic direction, establishing partnerships and exploring new opportunities for Futurelab. Annika has focused on developing compelling interactive learning resources for those excluded from traditional education.
Mike Seyfang – a consultant with over 25 years experience in ICT. Mike’s achievements include the envisioning and conception of the Microsoft and South Australian Government Innovation Centre.

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