Education au – Opening Comments

We have had some really interesting leadup ideas to launch this seminar, and set the context for the speakers today.

The focus on new technologies as communication and new cultures that emerge is vital to keep at the fore of our work as educators. It was good to hear that literacy was considered to be core – but expanded. The idea that kids are no longer literate, or that literacy is being corrupted by new ways of communication is an important concept that we need to talk about more often.

Rob Welford, Queensland Minister of Education, made the point that the Xbox has brought new meaning to literacy. We have a mismatch between what students know and teachers are teaching.

As he explained, the www has allowed us to be swamped with information, with insufficient skills to be descenring – leaves our students bereft of the ability to know what to do. How can emerging technologies be harnessed and employed to develop this knowledge, sense of citizenship, history, etc and create their own self worth and self values. These are at the forefront of what education needs to deliver for our students.

So our mission is to

  • Develop capabilities.
  • Connect young people with knowledge.
  • Learn you to become discerning citizens.

Gerry White CEO of Educationau shared the expected vision for technology engagement. A fact to consider? In a comparison of Broadband usage in OECD countries we have dropped from Number 5 to Number 17. The reality to consider? Well, kids know the technology, they talk the lingo, They google, they shop, they talk online.

He urges us to…..

Maximize opportunites for our young people. What’s changed? Everything but the size of our brains.!!

2 thoughts on “Education au – Opening Comments

  1. Judy ,
    the comment made (not sure by whom) that kids are no longer literate is very debateable. In fact, a vast number of kids in western society are multi literate. Through mobile phone sms’essing’, as one very small example, they have created another ‘language’ for which you need to be literate in order to understand and use.
    I’ll look forward to talking with you further about the seminar speakers next week.

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