Teacher as Learner in Web 2.0 – doing it!

Scan is a quarterly journal produced by the NSW Department of Education and Training which focuses on the interaction between information and effective student learning.

Scan contains articles on:

  • teachers and teacher-librarians collaborating
  • information literacy and supporting reading
  • integrating ICT (information communication technology) in teaching and learning
  • practical programming and teaching ideas
  • practical ideas for library management.

Thanks to the up-to-the minute relevance of this journal, and a fun morning of talking enthusiastically about Web 2.0 – I ended up being asked to write an article about Web 2.0 for them. Lucky!

I did that, and wrote it for our teacher learners who are still going to wake up one fine Web 2.0 morning and discover there is a new world out there.

For those who don’t have access to the article, Engaging the Google generation through Web 2.0 you can get a copy here or from the Resource section of this blog. Usual copyright and correct attribution rules around use of this article apply, being printed in SCAN Vol 25 Number 3 August 2006.

3 thoughts on “Teacher as Learner in Web 2.0 – doing it!

  1. Dear Judy,
    Just to thank you for this excellent entry and for the link to Scan. I am currently writing an article about IL and Web 2.0 following a presentation I gave at the eLit conference in Loughborough in June. I have also given several presentations on engaging with the Google generation! I am looking forward to reading your Scan article as I suspect you have come to similar conclusions!
    I am currently an Academic Liaison Librarian at University of Bedfordshire.

  2. Hi Al,
    Hope you got my email – I got yours! I want to thank you and everyone else who has encouraged me to keep blogging – it is a brilliant way to learn from each other. It is almost hard to absorb the amazing work that you and others are doing with your students – so congratulations.
    I know others have downloaded the article successfully, but just let me know if my email didnt’ get through as I have forwarded a copy direct. Anyone else who encounters a problem is most welcome to email me direct – you will find my email in the About section.

  3. Top blog and posts Judy – I’ve added you to my bloglines.
    I’m a fellow live blogger from the education.au ‘So What’s Changed?’ seminar in Sydney recently.
    Feel free to delete this comment – it really is just to congratulate you on 1/4 year – huge contribution in that time – and to notify that the above link to your pdf is returning ‘damaged and unrepairable.’ I would love to look at it. Could you please send me a copy? Love the content and feel of your blog – I started with the identical theme, colours and header image, Cheers, Al
    BTW there is no option to add my email and blog address here. Do you get these automatically if I comment when logged in? If not go to my blog in your Edubloggers category.

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