Best of the Best… in Web 2.0

One way  that many of us try and keep informed about professional directions in education is by the sharing of ideas through blogging – and by tracking the blogosphere via our chosen RSS news feed.

Even so, good information slips through the cracks, so we rely on our exchange of ideas to help stay in touch.

So I had a Eureka moment when I dipped back into PopURLs this morning. If you haven’t paid a visit, check out the way this tool updates the action on, delicious,, flickr, newsvine, metafilter and tailrank, YouTube, news, odeo, furl, etc etc etc. Very nice!

The post I want to highlight that ‘popped’ up this morning is from RealWorld Software Development on Best of the Best Web 2.0 Sites is a great compliation …. for now at least until things change again 🙂

Web 2.0 sites are cropping up all over the place! From Social Bookmarking Sites, to Real Estate sites, this list has only the best Web 2.0 Sites available today! What makes a site a Web 2.0 Site? Web 2.0 is the second coming of World Wide Web. New and improved sites that make the web their platform, provide users a way of interacting with each other, and organize and categorize their content are perfect examples of Web 2.0. Below is a list of web sites that are the best of the best!

……Best of the Best Web 2.0 Sites.

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