Internet futures

Interesting to think about the future of the internet locally and globally, as Web 2.0 launches the digital future.

BBC news reports on the global Internet Governance Group. In a column for the BBC News website, Mr Desai said: “The forum will give voice to the citizens of the global net and help identify emerging issues which need to be tackled in the formal processes.” The forum is not a decision-making body but instead is designed to give stakeholders in the internet a chance to form consensus around key areas.

The four key agendas for the conference are security, diversity, openness and access.

[The forum] is about the future, the net as it will be some years from now and how we can give a voice to all who use it…… Nith Desai

Two things of particular interest:

  1. Have Your Say: What is the future of the internet? Read the comments!
  2. BBC Net safety guide The pdf is worth downloading, as the focus is broader, as it includes security and network issues.

You might like to Read the views of the global internet panel.

Well, this delightful picture of the Dharamsala wireless mesh and the latest addition to the Mesh at the Lower-TCV School shows how the expanding technology blanket is being wrapped around the globe.

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