Digital teaching and multi-tasking via Horizon

I know that many of us are doing it …..joining the digital natives…..but I have just had a really fun hour in the global digital domain doing the following:

  1. judging parts of the Horizon project wiki
  2. judging Horizon project manager videos
  3. listening to a GenTech podcast on copyright and fair use
  4. entering results in the Google docs spreadsheet – right there online for us to share (web 2.0 as platform – remember?)
  5. watching the results drop in from others around the globe
  6. chatting within the Google docs space Рusing the chat window to collaborate with  colleagues from Melbourne, Dhakka, and Shanghai.

This time, as part of my small role in the Horizon Project, I was specifically looking at the sections on Mobile phones and Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming.

If you haven’t yet picked up on the tremendous work of the teachers and students involved in this year’s version of the Flat Classroom Project, then take a visit to the Horizon Project Wiki, and see how things are progressing.

2 thoughts on “Digital teaching and multi-tasking via Horizon

  1. Hey Jude, how can PMHS get involved with this … my kids have gone wiki mad this term, they need a challenge!

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