Yet another widget – It’s my news.

Thanks to Media Cafe Polska for alerting me to a neat New Widget Its My News – that thinking laterally, could be an interesting addition to various school blogs, media studies units, literacy units etc.

You can easily select from among 50,000 media sources – newspapers, magazines, blogs, TV and radio, and more – and build your ItsMyNews page, which updates automatically for you, all day, every day. We’ve collected news from all the popular topics in every format: text, photo, sound, and video.

Krzysztof has a good set from ItsMyNews on display at his post on the topic, and has inserted some in the sidebar of his blog. He was also online in Twitter as I was writing this post – BUT I can’t read polish. What a pity!


You’ll find me as heyjudeonline in Twitter or Judy O’Connell

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2 thoughts on “Yet another widget – It’s my news.

  1. i use itsmynews and i really like it. I think the layout is very clean and it has tons of features. Like you said above they have over 50,000 RSS feeds so you really have tons of sources to pick from

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