CEC (NSW) Forum, 2007

Another year, another CEC Forum šŸ˜‰ How time flies!

Nevertheless many educators gathered together on the first day of the school holidays to attend the ICT Forum organised by the Catholic Education Commission NSW.

As promised my presentation for the session, introducing the concept of social bookmarking, is provided below.

A detailed list of links are provided for you at my ‘social bookmarking’ TAG at Del.icio.us Heyjude.

You may like to use this delicious_setup.pdf from David Warlick to help yourself or your colleagues set up a Del.icio.us account.

For a detailed presentation that covers all the key aspects of managing and using your Del.icio.us account I highly recommend the one below put together by Michael Sauers.

Just start your viewing after the TechSupport page.

1 thought on “CEC (NSW) Forum, 2007

  1. Dear Judy
    thanks for an interesting and useful presentation today. I am well underway in setting up my favourites in del.icio.us- I think it’s a good sign when your class members can’t wait to get home to put their learning into action! Hopefully, with your slides I will be able to pass on the learning to my staff. Thanks again!

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