That literacy beat really rocks!

We knew it was easy – but our students proved it to us today! It was Matt’s turn to share his class with me as we explored another learning experience with the kids. mattblogpic.jpgYear 4 is working on poetry ….. enjoying poetry now after inspiration from “Matt the Muso”!

Just a couple of weeks ago Matt was introduced to MacBooks, and the musician turned teacher discovered that there really is great scope for (garageband inspired) musical influences in his classroom.

Today his students “met” MacBooks and GarageBand for the first time, and armed with a poem they were ready to take up this muso’s challenge. The students very quickly chose a drum beat for their backing track, recorded their audio track (matching the poem to the beat), and then chose sound effects.

This was just the beginning of their creative experience, and will lead to podcasting and sharing of media files with parents. Great learning …. and what a buzz! Thanks very much Matt 🙂

Here is just one sample to enjoy –


9 thoughts on “That literacy beat really rocks!

  1. Hi all,
    Using the macintosh is really fun and easy i hope to get a mac in future because they’re sooo easy to use.

  2. Hi Matty
    You sound great ! What an inspiration for all concerned. I can’t wait to let the children in my class do something like this !
    Well done!

  3. Hey Matthew
    You are the person I will be going to, to learn how to incorporate this into my classroom. You are a great mentor for this project. Can’t wait to see what you create next.

  4. Hi ,
    My son Matthew from 4W has the first podcast on the site entitled Dolphins, it’s truly amazing to listen too.I think that all classes should have this wonderful technology as this is they way of the future and it can only get bigger.

    Well done to all involved in this amazing project.

    Kim Matthew’s mum(Matthew 4W)

  5. Dear Matt
    How awesome… and it’s happening right nextdoor to me. I’m inspired and enthused to explore the possibilities with the rest of our grade fours. thanks for the innovative way to integrate literacy, technology and music. you’re a pro luv neighbour

  6. This is just amazing – to think that these students now have a different “voice” in their classroom. Music is a great way for students to express themselves.

    Well done Matt – you’re an inspiration to us all.

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