Looking for Music?

ccMixter is a web site providing samples and remixes that are released under various Creative Commons licenses. Now the site has a new addition: dig.ccMixter, available in beta at http://dig.ccmixter.org/.

Looking for music for a video, school project, game you’re developing, podcast or just for listening on your mobile music device?

Find exactly the music you’re looking for – podsafe, liberally licensed – using dig.ccMixter Music Discovery tool.

Dig allows people who are looking for music to find it more easily.  What I listened too was fantastic quality too.

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Teaching Naked – without Powerpoint

My friend and colleague Gary @chemedlinks, chemistry teacher and learning technology evangelist, pointed me to a fabulous article in the Chronicle of Higher Education: ‘Teach Naked’ – When Computers Leave Classrooms, so does Boredom.

This is a fabulous read.

Gary will be presenting a Keynote at the ASLA NSW PD day this coming Saturday, on the topic of “Pedagogical Powerpoint”.  His message is really the same at Mr Bowen -Gary urges us to add pedagogical value to your classes if you are using Powerpoint.  The idea is that we  should challenge thinking, inspire creativity, and stir up discussion with a Powerpoint presentation – not present a series of dry facts.  Of added value is Gary’s work on hunting down research papers that shed light onto the whole notion of how to use Powerpoint well.

There is so much that we can get involved in if we want to in schools – whether it’s podcasting or ‘powerpointing’ – its about driving deep learning through deep investigation and discussion.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading the article, and perhaps take it to your next staff meeting as a discussion starter.

More than any thing else, Mr. Bowen wants to discourage professors from using PowerPoint, because they often lean on the slide-display program as a crutch rather using it as a creative tool. Class time should be reserved for discussion, he contends, especially now that students can download lectures online and find libraries of information on the Web.

Snap up some sounds!

Whether you’re podcasting, making movies, working on music or media projects – then you’ll love this collection of resources from Soundsnap.

While you are at it – join up and contribute – or ask for help on your next problem or project idea from someone on the Forum. A quick browse of the Forum will give you an idea of the range of things possible when working with sound.

Fabulous recommendation from the ICT Guy!

Procedure packs a punch! Cool Year 1!

Language learning is the most critical component of young students learning experiences. Jamie, Co-ordinator of the Literacy and Web 2.0 project, teaches Year 1, and decided to bring Writing Procedures to life!


Enter ‘cooking’ and loads of fruit, bread, juice, butter, cinnamon and more! Yikes – so much preparation, and all essential for embedding good understanding of writing procedures.

So today’s work was about using technology tools to enhance literacy learning, and was the culmination of a very busy week. Jamie showed them the steps, carefully engaging the students, so they understood the steps. Then each child was able to navigate the computer, and do their own sequencing and recording. Photos, narration and publishing made Year 1 very happy little people – and this was just their first time!

All the teachers are sharing their digital resources in a number of different ways – wikispaces, podcasting, and videosharing on Teacher Tube, which allows teachers to create their own groups space, and share videos about the topics that the student is working on. The ongoing blend of Web 2.0 tools are important – and these teachers will continue their exploration of many different Web 2.0 tools.

The great thing about the project so far is the diversity of tools, both Mac and PC, that are being used for the first time, and in a co-ordinated fashion across the school. While the students are experiencing different learning opportunities – so are the teachers! Just you keep ‘packing a punch’ Jamie as you keep working with your fabulous team 🙂

Podcasting: A Teaching with Technology White Paper

Sharing audio and video files on the Web has been possible for most of the last decade. But in the past two years podcasting has exploded onto the scene.

This paper examines educational podcasting in three realms: the creation and distribution of lecture archives for review, the delivery of supplemental educational materials and content, and assignments requiring students to produce and submit their own podcasts.

From the Office of Technology for Education and Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University, this is a 15 page PDF.

Podcasting: A Teaching with Technology Whitepaper

[From: Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day]

That literacy beat really rocks!

We knew it was easy – but our students proved it to us today! It was Matt’s turn to share his class with me as we explored another learning experience with the kids. mattblogpic.jpgYear 4 is working on poetry ….. enjoying poetry now after inspiration from “Matt the Muso”!

Just a couple of weeks ago Matt was introduced to MacBooks, and the musician turned teacher discovered that there really is great scope for (garageband inspired) musical influences in his classroom.

Today his students “met” MacBooks and GarageBand for the first time, and armed with a poem they were ready to take up this muso’s challenge. The students very quickly chose a drum beat for their backing track, recorded their audio track (matching the poem to the beat), and then chose sound effects.

This was just the beginning of their creative experience, and will lead to podcasting and sharing of media files with parents. Great learning …. and what a buzz! Thanks very much Matt 🙂

Here is just one sample to enjoy –


Next WOW2 show – now that’s WOW!!

Thanks to a post by Chrissy (Teaching Sagittarian) I have been prompted to mention the next WOW2.0 broadcasting through Worldbridges and EdTechTalk, which takes placeTuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST. (Which is Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. Sydney time).

WOW2 is for all who are using the tools of the internet whether it be in a classroom setting, leading seminars, authoring books, maintaining blogs or wikis, or just enjoying the tools of the internet in an educational and exciting way.

This week’s show features four Australian educators:
Graham Wegner
– Teaching Generation Z – Judy O’Connell (me!)- Jo McLeay – The Open Classroom – and Jason Hando – Clever Learning. Vicki Davis, fantastic ‘coolcatteacher’, writes a little more about it, while Jo McLeay does some preliminary thinking getting ready for the exciting event! We also get pulled in on the NECC2007 blogs feed – now that is something!

We will be talking about Education 2.0 in Australia – things that are happening, tools that are being used, integration and more – and especially what needs to change to make things keep moving right along!

Women of Web 2.0 (WOW2) is brought to you by Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Sharon Peters, & Vicki Davis, four women who not only love using the tools of the Internet but also love sharing the tools with others.

Their mission is to provide a professional voice in educational Web 2.0 discussions. Conversations coming from the WOW2 network will move across gender, race, and country lines and display the beautiful diversity of the internet kaleidoscope. WOW2 are advocates for professional ethics, emerging technologies, collaborative projects, quality best practices research, and teaching students critical thinking skills.

Join WOW2 some time soon 🙂

Educational technology that talks!

An email during the week reminded me that I haven’t promoted EdTechTalk to new readers to this blog.
May 15 marked EdTechTalk’s first anniversary – and what a year! Wow, professional learning at its best!

Edtechtalk is a webcasting network of educators dedicated to helping those involved in educational technology explore, discuss, and collaborate in its use. The EdTech Channell currently webcasts 7 shows: