Sputtr – or Spluttr!

Could have been great for the students! as Sputtr is a very clever multi-search engine.

We gave it a go, when some students came asking for assistance with their current research topics.

Afterwards we also looked at the options it has for creating a customized search page by including some of my favourite search tools, as well as allowing us to choose from a variety of Web 2.0 zones – anything from Youtube to twitter to DeviantARt to WorldCat and heaps more.

Sputtr incorporates websearch, images, video, audio/music, maps, blogs, blogsearch, news, bookmarks, social networks, people search, reference, country information, and more.

Ah, so it’s great isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

But I CAN’T recommend it for use by my students because it has the naughty button which leads to a paid ‘love’ service. What a damned shame. After a good start I spluttered to a halt.

7 thoughts on “Sputtr – or Spluttr!

  1. Well, I too would have used this site but for the “naughty button”. This is just not on – I mean, as a teacher, I’d be in real trouble encouraging students to go the this site. Not worth my while.

  2. You can recommend http://www.bunchle.com to your students. It searches multiple search engine at once and you can register and create your own category and search engine tabs. So your students can find all related search engines for a category and search them at once. The best thing about it is you can tab between search results.

  3. I think the appeal for teachers here are the very visually appealing buttons, which in itself indicates that there is much more than google (a simple fact of which many teachers are still unaware). The buttons also spark curiosity – so the page as a whole represents a great research platform which could be incorporated into the task (eg. use any 5 buttons to locate X and comparatively analyse the results of each search).

    Yes – damned shame about that ad. One has to wonder whether the designers are properly thinking this one through (after all, there’s plenty of money in education – why turn to pornography?)


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  5. yep, marking is not a proper degree or career. these ppl are just there to ruin a good idea or bug designers. What are they thinking.

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