reThink, reCreate, reEmpower

For all those people attending the Syba Signs presentations in Brisbane and Sydney – the links to sites mentioned are available in the slideshare presentation below!

[A note to the conference attendees: I have been alerted that the slides have not uploaded well to slideshare this time. Some scrambled, some hyperlinks not showing etc. I am going to reformat and load up to slideshare before Friday’s session. In the meantime, some of the links are readable for your investigation. ][update- still having problems with slideshare. New version now, but some slides are still scrambled though the links do work. Will try again tomorrow]

9 thoughts on “reThink, reCreate, reEmpower

  1. Hi Judy, I saw you speak at Friday’s Why 2 of Web 2 and the whole day was so valuable! Thanks for embeding the slides you used in your blog – that’s very generous and helpful and will help me share with staff what I learned today. 🙂 gkat

  2. Judy,

    Even with scrabbled text and links I loved the slideshow – I only hope that someday I can actually hear you present – with each slide I wanted to know more.


  3. Alex, looking more I can see whole links and pages have been scrambled as well. PDF from Keynote is usually seamless…but this surely isn’t. Going to experiment further before friday, and see how to fix.

  4. Ahh, Alex, you’ve alerted me to a slideshare problem that I hadn’t picked up on. YES, I do give people the source of images, and there is a discrete hyperlink at the base of the images. BUT I can see that in the embedded version the links are not accessible. Jumped over to slideshare and bingo! they are not accessible there either. I put this up during the conference, and usually it works just fine. So I will revisit the slides today and see why those words (photo) are not working as a link. Rest assured I spend ages yesterday embedding the link so that I would give credit! Perhaps the best thing to do is to move to what some people do? add an attribution slide at the end with all the links? But back to the problem! WHY aren’t the links working? Homework for me!!

  5. What worries me is that I recognise the source of more than one image used in your great slideshow yet there is no attribution to it’s source.

    This really concerns me because Judy just last wek the same picture ‘owner’ flogged my sorry ass and demanded I retract the image from my site !

    Hmm…..I leave a URL or source name in the base of slides discretely.

    This helps the creator get their credit also and mostly informs those reading where they could also source it.

    Not trying to get tricky here…just and observation.

  6. Helen, anyone who decides to jump in and give blogging or any other Web 2.0 tool a go is brilliant. The more of us that are around to help and encourage others, the better. Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂 I hope all your colleagues at CEO Sydney are also getting excited by this all. Good luck, and say hi! is we are ever in the same room.

  7. Hi Judy

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. It is so informative! I work as an Adviser for CEO Sydney and have used your blog as a learning tool for myself. I have only recently entered the blogosphere – isn’t it amazing??
    So Thank you, thank you, thank you………

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