Will Richardson talks!

Will began his by reflecting on citizen journalism – media, skype, ustreamTV, live tv shows from basements – by kids who are just entering high school. Will is going to take a group of keen teachers and teacher librarians on a wonderfully weaved journey through the read/write web. Retire, and make more by selling ads on your blog than you did in your day job!

Will reflects on the transformation taking place that is as radical a change as that which took place as a result of the invention of the printing press.

Will is providing all the links to his presentation via his wiki http://willrichardson.wikispaces.com/.

Copyright? this discussion is now global. what do we do when content is free, easily copyable, and easily distributable. It’s a different place for business too. http://www.surfthechannel.com/ Pick up any TV show! anything you like. These guys are in Sweden, they don’t run servers – they don’t believe they are doing anything wrong 🙂

The story of Wikinomics is one that we all need to take note of. IBM has 24,000 blogs – they are sharing, collaborating, and being transparent about their jobs. Even governments are changing – there is a pressure for transparency,

But education, by and large, is not changing.

1 thought on “Will Richardson talks!

  1. Thanks for this Jude – those of us who weren’t able to see Will in person are really grateful for your efforts in getting a post up so quickly- sounds like a great presentation!!

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