The Business Impacts of Social Networking

Corporations are changing the way they communicate: In fact, the suggestion is that changing the way you undertake external and internal communication, marketing and advertising will shortly become inevitable, simply because the Internet and Web 2.0 have delivered new instruments and the audience – especially millennials – is expecting corporations to use them.

AT&T has produced at Trends White Paper on The Business Impacts of Social Networking.

Social networking fosters collective intelligence, collaborative work and support communities. Tools and behaviors from the consumer world are now making the transition to the corporate world, with diverse implications for changing the way businesses operate. This paper explores 10 opportunities presented by social networking, along with 10 associated challenges.

Download White Paper [PDF, 612KB]

I think that educators need to know what the changes are that are taking place in the corporate world as we’re educating the future inhabitants of that world. Looks to me like we had better make immersion into Web 2.0 an organic process within our learning frameworks.

5 thoughts on “The Business Impacts of Social Networking

  1. Judy, thanks for posting this white paper we developed with AT&T – and I’m interested in your comments about education. It’s an area that I see quivering in the corporate world, where HR is pretty interested in new learning schemes, especially when it targets young recruits and touchy areas such as security. I guess in the academic world there are initiatives too – I’ll be interested to know about them.

  2. That is very timely and informative, you are so right. I especially think that point 10, Capturing the value, is something that educational ‘execs’ need to get their head around quickly.It seems that re-writing HR criteria to employ and keep innovative, connected, staff at this point will only happen if we prize the parchment from their cold dead hands.

  3. Judy, I agree with you that educators need to know what the changes are that are taking place in the corporate world, but I think that too many educators are taking time out from the curriculum assembly line to assess whether what they’re teaching is relevant to the real world that follows school. That might sound unkind, and I’m sorry if it does, but I don’t see much happening collectively to bring schools into line with what’s happening in the world. However, there are a lot of inspiring individuals out there in schools trying to make a difference!

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