4 thoughts on “Folksonomy ‘faux pas’!

  1. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of your post. Did it make you feel superior that you spotted a typo or spelling error?

    Why is it extra bad for it to be made by a teacher? Poking fun at or highlighting publicly an incorrect spelling makes me very cross. I am happy that this individual is sharing their bookmarks and tags. Their meaning was clear so its not an issue.

    In my opinion it is you who has committed the “faux pas”.

    • I’m certainly not poking fun at anyone Cath. We all make mistakes when typing – in fact, I have some classics that I repeat over and over again. When it comes to tagging however, folksonomy requires a bit of accuracy – otherwise a search of the tag ‘teacher’ simply won’t find those that are tagged incorrectly. As an information professional I appreciate accuracy, and the power of organization such as in a thesaurus for a relational database such as a library catalogue. Folksonomy is a thesaurus created by the people – and in this case spelling has to be accurate – unless we have something like Google’s “did you mean” to help sort out typing mistakes (but Delicious doesn’t have this). When I spotted this, I giggled!

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