3 thoughts on “Watch, teach, do – embrace the challenge

  1. I love this slide show. It explains exactly how I have learnt and developed my skills.
    Now I am going to forward a link to the teachers at school, put it on my blog, tweet it and pop it on my me.edu.au page. All ways I didn’t communicate (except for email) 18 months ago.
    We must start moving now otherwise that steep learning curve just gets steeper and steeper and feels increasingly challenging. I say baby steps! Tackle one thing at a time and just give it a go. We learn from our mistakes. We don’t have to know eveything, instead be committed to life-long learning.

  2. I also agree that teachers face challenges that people not in the education world can’t understand. When I saw how many slides there were, I thought to myself…geeez, this is a lot to read! But then as i started flipping through and I found myself unable to stop reading. I especially love the page that teachers are compared to brain surgeons.

    Outside of this site, I have been searching and finally found a way to improve my teaching techniques. I joined Applebatch.com and have been talking with other teachers about ways I can improve.

    Thanks for the slideshow and keep up the great work!

  3. I really enjoyed this slide show. It made me remember why I decided to major in education. Every day offers challenges, how you decide to take on those challenges is what makes you grow as a person. This reminds me to take challenges head on. No matter how difficult the climb is, we must remember that the view at the top will be incredible.

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