You only live twice [Second Life]

For those with good broadband access, an ABC FourCorners program on Second Life sparked a lot of interest here in Australia. The interactive ‘flash-created’ documentary “You Only Live Twice” is still available via the ABC website and is a fabulous pool of audio/visual/interactive information. You will love it!


The ABC is in SecondLife at ABC Island



Second Life Classroom – Not School, Not Home

Schome Park, in Teen Second Life, is a classroom run by the pupilsI have tried to encourage my ‘system’ colleagues to take 3D virtual worlds seriously – at least to run some pilot projects or join in some 3D initiatives.

Absolutely no success on that for me (blank looks 😦 ), but I am glad to see that not only Australians (e-Leadership team within Learnscope projects), but also educators in the UK ARE taking the future seriously.

The Guardian reports on a pilot project during which around 200 members of NAGTY (The National Association of Gifted and Talented Youth) aged between 13 and 17 will be exploring Teen Second Life.

Plenty of information is available at the Schome Wiki.The Scho-Op on Schome Park

Schome (the education system for the information age) is going to be a new form of educational system designed to overcome the problems within current education systems in order to meet the needs of society and individuals in the 21st century.

Explore Schome and their Second Life Project.

Better still, view Schome Park on Youtube.

Addition from Kerrie Smith: Sites of Interest for Educators in SecondLife .

Also Lindy McKeown, ACCE and ISTE ICT Leader of the Year 2006, is ‘doing’ her PhD on use of 3D learning environments. She has set up Terra Incognita in Second Life as an island for educators. Read more about this from Kerrie in her post Thinking about Second Life, VLEs and other 3D environments.