WordPress at your fingertips!

The new update WordPress for iPhone 2.1 is very nice.

Blogs (including mine) view very nicely if they have a mobile-enhanced version. I’ve been able to surf-around from one to another and of course (with the iPhone) I can grab screen shots as I go.

It’s easy to add a screenshot or photo to your post. On the other hand hyperlinks will need some HTML!  Also, notice how my blog shows up the default title field which is hidden on normal web view when a custom graphic is in place? The header would adapt to a mobile version correctly without that custom image – but I’m happy to keep the identifying image in place 🙂

Being able to review comments and see the image I usually associate with a person is also helpful. Also the blogging feature is nice for quick posts (like this one tapped out over breakfast). Categories are also available to grab and tags can also be dropped in.

What will this mean for classroom blogging?

[update: watching the video below I discovered the URLs are easy to manage too!]

Working the itouch for my blog!

Well just for fun I am using the updated mobile interface for wordpress which is not sexy but is practical. Actually I can use the normal website on my Itouch, but this would definitely be better for my humble phone.

Basic for now but could be handy. Find it at http://m.wordpress.com or using HTML at http://m.wordpress.com (which just might be too much trouble even if it works). However, if all you want to do is Post a bookmark, then you can just use the Bookmark tab rather than the post tab to do that.

Lets you add tags too and save drafts or publish, but you have to add categories later.

As we move slowly into mobile tools with students, this type of thing, and future enhancements, will become part of the core toolkit for 21st century learning – added to all the other uses interactive mobile devices allow.