Shareaholic – always!

Thinking? Writing? BLogging?  Sharing?  That’s what Web 2.0 media is all about ~ it’s continually getting easier to share our online learning experiences with others 🙂

Thinking Beta – that’s what it is! Always thinking, always learning, always expecting change.

Rather later than others I know, I’ve discovered a useful addition to my Firefox suite of online tools in Shareaholic. I’m sure I’ve spotted @buffyhamilton using it!

Shareaholic supports 100+ destination services. Make sure you setup your favorite services from the options menu so that Shareaholic works exactly the way you want it to. The latest update tells me that the service is just getting better and better.

I recommend you give it a try. Perhaps you’d like to share your experiences if you’re an ‘old hand’.

Blogging Fast Forward

It had to happen – rather belatedly finding out something to inspire blogging ‘on the fly’.

Thanks to a tweet from OwenC about 6 applications that made 2008 special, I am busy exploring Zemanta. I’m doing this after jumping over to Owen’s blog, and having a quick chat about it just to check if I should download this new addition to my suit of FireFox plugins.

Interesting app…see the picture I’ve dropped into the post?  It’s one of many that appear in the Zemanta toolkit, which responds to the content that your are writing in your post. (Now here’s a challenge –  the next day one of the images had disappeared!  Try again!)

I like that I can drag a picture from that selection straight into the blog

The generic globe logo used when Firefox is co...

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post – but I can’t use the normal editing to position that picture (unless I set the preferences to xHTML in zemanta).  Alternatively a quick jump into the html allows me to move the picture around easily enough.  I can also ‘filter’ or search the image pool too. It’s also rather clever the way the image captures attribution – though I have no idea what the source of the images are and if they are indeed creative commons accessible ones. (ok on closer examination, I can see that hovering over the image pool provides the source of the image and its attribution! Cool!)

Zemanta also pulls up content from other sites, drawing on your main topic. I can jump over to them if I see something directly relevant, and add it to this post.  In this way I discovered that CWillliams has answered some of my queries about Zemanta.  Diane also explains:

Zemanta provides you with an easy way of finding and adding photo’s to your blog posts, it recommends SEO tags based on the content of your blog posts – and this is a very cool feature as it’s next to impossible to think of all the relevant tags that could be used. Zemanta also provides you one click access to content related to your blog post .

I’ve picked a few related articles prompted by Zemanta:

Installation is easy..reminds me of Flock, which I used to use before it became so heavyweight.

Another feature is the automatic creation of links within the post. These are generated by Zemanta, at the bottom of the writing window. Simply choose and click and the links are hyperlinked within the post for you.  Mostly these seem pretty relevant.

Zemanta also suggest tags to add to the post! This is something I don’t pay enough attention too, so it will be quite helpful for me.

After more investigation I find that I can add my Flickr account and link to my own images!In fact, if I want to, I can connect my Facebook, MyBlogLog and Twitter accounts to Zemanta and when you post about your friends, their blogs and websites will be added.

Very Nice. Looks as if I am going to have to review my blogging processes for 2009.  Any advice would be most welcome!

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Information and knowledge alert!

There is a bit of a thing happening with Campus Editions. First I learnt about Edublogs Campus, a nice new offering…. and then rather belatedly I  heard about Firefox Campus Edition.

The Firefox campus edition comes pre-installed with StumbleUpon (for discovering websites, photos and videos), FoxyTunes (lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser) and Zotero (for clipping web notes and to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.

Providing this tool will make it imperative for us that students have good information and critical literacy skills to navigate successfully in this environment in order to think deeply, creatively and fairly rather than plagiarising or operating outside a creative commons approach to online media.

It’s marketed as being everything you need for a well-rounded College Life!

According to Mashable

It’s probably fair to say this is a marketing drive to get Firefox installed on student laptops before they head back to school.

I wonder, did anyone actually install this on their student machines? I like to be quite choosy about the Firefox addons I use – some of which are great. I think I would prefer to apply the same approach to customizing student delivered web browsers.