Participatory networking – an eye on Twitter and Jottit!

I’ve enjoyed my week at the NavCon2K7 conference, where I am pleased to see that we some workshops showing people how to engage in participatory networking – cool tools for cool news and professional interactions.

It was a real buzz to find that Heyjude was being used as part of a demonstration workshop about setting up iGoogle. So nice to meet people who read and enjoy this blog, or share in the Heyjude network. It was great that Leigh showed folks how to get into Facebook – because it has already expanded the conversation spaces amongst my colleagues.

But it’s what I learned from Lenva that excited me – a new strategy for ‘working’ a conference to share and collaborate! Here’s the story……

Amongst other things, I used Twitter to tell my professional network a bit about what was going on at the conference. Because I mentioned Twitter in question time (posing a question to Leigh from the twitterati, as well as from myself) Lenva discovered me and we became ‘friends’.

Lenva and I both posted links and comments to Twitter while Adam Lefstein was presenting his Keynote address. Lenva Shearing is a Principal who passionate about learning. Some of Lenva’s school team were attending the Ulearn conference in NewZealand at the same time – so the twitter conversation between them was showing up in my Twitter feed. She was actually participating in what was happening in NZ, while they were participating in what was happening in Sydney…….and I was becoming a bit of an observer. 🙂

But here’s the best tip of all. Lenva and other colleagues were taking notes (as lots of us were). The difference? Forget scribbling with a pen, writing a word document, or composing a blog post. Their notes were immediately shareable with each other via twitter or their blogs using Jottit.

Check out Lenva Shearing and her notes from Adam Lefstein and others (which she posted up on Twitter almost as soon as sessions were over) and Allanah’s Note page which she was using to share her Ulearn conference experiences. Ewan McIntosh and Leigh Blackhall would be proud of them all! Right? Now if only I had been at the Ulearn conference amongst such a buzz.

As for Lenva? – what a fantastic Principal – leading, doing, and engaging everyone – participatory networking bringing life to 21st century rhetoric.

Image: Mon Oeil
  • Participatory culture through wikipedia

    Leigh Blackall : Keynote address: Thursday : From the Navcon07 conference, Where to next? Gosford, Australia.

    Leigh’s keynote covered a range of topics – all designed to show how a participatory culture is what will turn learning around – whether through wikipedia or good use of Creative Commons, or more. It was really interesting to hear Leigh talk about Otago Polytechnic, and their shift to Creative Commons for the production of all their learning materials.

    Nice one! Bit different from what happens in schools now – and really worth thinking about. All part of the Open Source movement of course – but this is not yet in the discussion horizon in most schools yet. Hopefully the pieces will fall into place sometime soon.

    Leigh focussed on modernism and postmodernism, and points to his notes here:

    modernism and old schools

    1. A state of mind
    2. Fascism
    3. Access DETnied
    4. Memex

    Postmodernism and new schools learning

    1. Deschooling Society
    2. Pedagogy of the Oppressed
    3. Groups and Networks
    4. Individualism and the best and worst of times.


    1. Loganlea State High – Jenny Shale
    2. Catholic School – Greg Whitby
    3. New American School House
    4. Youtube in school
    5. History of Social Software

    Here is Leigh in a snippet about participatory culture enabling learning…..

    Image: The pieces are falling into place.